Bulk image resizer for Linux and Windows

OpenResizer is an app that lets you resize multiple images at once. It’s designed to be fast and easy-to-use. It’s also free and open-source.

Download OpenResizer for Linux (64-bit) from the Snap Store.

Or if you’re using Windows 10 64-bit, OpenResizer can be downloaded from the link below:
openresizer_1.0_setup.exe (36.7 MB)

Here are some of the features of OpenResizer:

  • Shrink images by percentage or specific dimensions
  • See a Before/After preview before resizing a batch
  • Supported image types: PNG, JPG, BMP
  • Adjustable JPG compression
  • PNG transparency support
  • Support for multi-core CPU’s
  • Compatible with Linux and Windows
  • Free and open-source (view source)

Screenshots of OpenResizer (below) running in Linux (Ubuntu-MATE):

Main window
Options tab. This is where the resize options are set.