New software – visual novel creator

I’ve been busy creating a new application for creating visual novels – named LVNAuth. A few years ago, I built an engine in Python that can create visual novels but it never materialized into a finished software title. It was meant to work within another application that I was working on at the time, but I cancelled the project for various reasons. So I took the visual novel engine and improved it.

Here is a very early screenshot of a visual novel being used for development and testing.

Very early screenshot of a visual novel being made with LVNAuth – my upcoming software application.

The dialog text will be based on given font sprite sheets. The editor will support custom font kerning as well, which is basically the adjustment of spacing between each of the letters.

In the screenshot above, it demonstrates the fading and scaling animation of the character that you see (which is why the character is covering the height of the window – it was scaled up). However, I was primarily testing the dialog text animation.

I will share more information and screenshots as I reach big milestones in its development.