Software Updates

It’s been around one year since my last post. I’ve been working on my new upcoming software project which will be named ‘Book an Item’. It will be an inventory management program made to run in Linux and Windows. I don’t have a Mac to test it with; maybe it will end up working on a Mac too one day. Also, I haven’t decided on a software license for it yet.


I’m glad that OpenResizer is still a popular app in the Snap Store even after almost 3 years. So far I’ve seen numerous website references to OpenResizer and even a printed magazine reference to it.

I’ve been busy with my other software project, but I hope to dedicate some time to OpenResizer one day. I want to rebuild the interface eventually.


I’m surprised that after about 3 years and fairly good popularity, I still have not received a single donation for OpenResizer – nothing at all. Either way, I think OpenResizer serves a good purpose and I use it myself for resizing images. It has helped me understand how GTK works (although I no longer use GTK). I still want to rewrite it one day – with or without donations. But donations would become a motivation for me to help improve the software.

Until the next blog post, bye!