Multi-language support

I’ve created the infrastructure needed to support multiple languages in my software. I felt the need to support various languages in my applications. If I end up re-making the GUI for OpenResizer, then I’ll add multi-language support to it too; but I have other priorities now, such as making a new inventory management application, which I’m working on. That software will have language-translation support from the beginning.

I won’t be writing the language texts myself; I’m only going to make my applications translation-aware, meaning that someone else could translate the app into his/her own language and share the language file with others. This will be possible through some very convenient INI files which can be easily edited using a basic text editor. Each language translation will be in its own separate INI file.

Now that the primary code for supporting translations is done, it’ll be easy to make it available in all future software applications that I write.