OpenResizer’s current state

OpenResizer was released about 1 year ago and since then, it has become one of the most popular snaps in its category. It was made out of necessity (I needed a simple resizer app for Linux) and I also wanted to get more experience with GTK.

I haven’t released any updates for it – it’s still at version 1.0 at the time of this blog post. The main reason is that it still works well! I haven’t had any bug reports.

Although I’m happy with OpenResizer’s current state, I’m no longer using GTK for my newer apps (for various reasons). Once I get some time, I would like to rewrite OpenResizer’s GUI code to use Tkinter which is what I primarily use now.

One thing I found surprising is that even though OpenResizer is popular and completely open-source, no one has helped by improving the code. The GitLab page for OpenResizer is virtually untouched. Maybe if I switch to Tkinter, coders will help because Tkinter is more popular than GTK for Python.

That’s all I wanted to share in this short blog post 🙂