Development on Hikari Anime Chat

I’ve begun development of my latest app, Hikari Anime Chat. As the name implies, it will be a chat program specifically for anime fans. It will feature various features that anime fans can enjoy, such as anime cards and a custom-built visual novel engine. The primary feature will be the ability to chat publicly with anime fans, in real-time.

I’ve actually created Hikari Anime Chat in the past, but now I’m rewriting it. This will be a complete rebuild and it won’t be based on any of my previous works on Hikari Anime Chat.

The reason I’m rebuilding it from scratch is because I want it to run on both Linux and Windows. In the past, it only ran on Windows. Also in the past, I wasn’t using the best tools for the job. For example, I had created a visual novel engine using a GUI toolkit which wasn’t really meant for multimedia and animation to begin with. Now, I’m creating a visual novel engine that can not only do more than before, but it’s being built using a video game library.

Long story short, I feel like I’m using the right tools for everything now – for the chat app itself, and the various features that it will come with.

Here’s a screenshot of what the new visual novel engine is currently capable of:

Screenshot of the visual novel engine in Hikari Anime Chat (in-development)

Something worth mentioning is that I created my other app, OpenResizer, for two reasons. The first reason was that I wanted an easy-to-use image resizer tool for Linux. The second reason was that it was a test for me to see how GTK works and find out what it’s capable of. I wanted to use my experience from OpenResizer to make Hikari Anime Chat.

The previous version of Hikari Anime Chat was from Anime Chat Network – a name that I no longer use. All my new apps use the name: JobinPy Software. Infact, if you visit: www.animechatnetwork, it will take you to

I will share more information about Hikari Anime Chat as I continue to work on it.

2 Replies to “Development on Hikari Anime Chat

  1. Thank you for the resizer snap! It works really fine.
    Do you have a solution: No access to my USB-stick from “Add images to resize list”. But why?
    My home folders are available. So, first I have to copy into the home folder than run resizer.
    I don’t find any reason for that.

    1. Hello. By default, the OpenResizer snap doesn’t have permission to see removable media, such as USB sticks.
      You can give OpenResizer permission to access USB-sticks with these two snap commands in the terminal:
      snap connect openresizer:mount-observe
      snap connect openresizer:removable-media

      To see a list of all the connections (interfaces) for OpenResizer, use this command:
      snap connections openresizer

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