Development on Hikari Anime Chat

I’ve begun development of my latest app, Hikari Anime Chat. As the name implies, it will be a chat program specifically for anime fans. It will feature various features that anime fans can enjoy, such as anime cards and a custom-built visual novel engine. The primary feature will be the ability to chat publicly with anime fans, in real-time.

I’ve actually created Hikari Anime Chat in the past, but now I’m rewriting it. This will be a complete rebuild and it won’t be based on any of my previous works on Hikari Anime Chat.

The reason I’m rebuilding it from scratch is because I want it to run on both Linux and Windows. In the past, it only ran on Windows. Also in the past, I wasn’t using the best tools for the job. For example, I had created a visual novel engine using a GUI toolkit which wasn’t really meant for multimedia and animation to begin with. Now, I’m creating a visual novel engine that can not only do more than before, but it’s being built using a video game library.

Long story short, I feel like I’m using the right tools for everything now – for the chat app itself, and the various features that it will come with.

Here’s a screenshot of what the new visual novel engine is currently capable of:

Screenshot of the visual novel engine in Hikari Anime Chat (in-development)

Something worth mentioning is that I created my other app, OpenResizer, for two reasons. The first reason was that I wanted an easy-to-use image resizer tool for Linux. The second reason was that it was a test for me to see how GTK works and find out what it’s capable of. I wanted to use my experience from OpenResizer to make Hikari Anime Chat.

The previous version of Hikari Anime Chat was from Anime Chat Network – a name that I no longer use. All my new apps use the name: JobinPy Software. Infact, if you visit: www.animechatnetwork, it will take you to

I will share more information about Hikari Anime Chat as I continue to work on it.

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